Canada Visas

Canada Visas

Do you need a Canada Visa? The Visa Centre has expertise and experience in consultation and processing of all types of Canada visas including visit/tourist visas, student visas, migration visas, business visas, work visas, and more.

If you have had your visa application rejected by Canada’s Immigration Authority – we can even help you lodge a professionally prepared appeal!

Canada Visas News

Choose Atlantic Canada: Predict Visa Success Before You Apply

28 May 2024

The Atlantic Provinces blend affordability, top-quality education, and natural scenery like no other province in Canada. Explore the major benefits of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Sc...

Explore New Master’s Programs at Ontario Tech University

18 April 2024

Located in Oshawa, Ontario Tech University (OTU) is only one hour from Toronto and much more affordable than the big city. It also offers several excellent master’s programs, which now qualify gradu...

Exciting News: IBU 🇨🇦 MBA 🎓 Now Offers 5 Specializations!

28 March 2024

Did you know that International Business University (IBU), Canada now offers five specializations for their MBA program? Please refer to the program brochures below, which can be shared with prospecti...

Canada Student Visa: October 2024 Intake is Opened

21 March 2024

The Government of B.C. is now issuing Provincial Attestation Letters to eligible post-secondary institutions to allow new international student applicants to apply for a study permit to study in B.C. ...

Prepare for Top Tech Jobs – Canadian STEM Programs

14 February 2024

Global industries are adopting technology practices from cloud-based data to generative AI. The ability to work within these technologies can future-proof your career. In fact, data-related jobs ̶...

Best International Visa Processing Consultancy – Sri Lanka by Lawyer International – Legal 100 – 2024 – Awards

07 February 2024

The Visa Centre (Pvt) Ltd is pleased to announce that we have again been awarded the Best International Visa Processing Consultancy – Sri Lanka by the Lawyer’s International – Legal 100 ...

International Citizenship Consultancy Firm of the Year in Sri Lanka

23 January 2024

International Citizenship Consultancy Firm of the Year in Sri Lanka – 2024 2024 Corporate INTL Global Awards The Visa Centre (Pvt) Ltd is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Inter...

Best International Visa Processing Consultancy – Sri Lanka

12 December 2023

Best International Visa Processing Consultancy – Sri Lanka Global 100 – 2024 The Visa Centre (Pvt) Ltd is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Best International Visa Processing C...

Sri Lanka – Best Practice Operator Of The Year (International Citizenship Law) Awarded by Gamechangers™ Country Awards 2023

06 December 2023

Sri Lanka – Best Practice Operator Of The Year (International Citizenship Law) – Awarded to The Visa Centre (Pvt) Ltd  By Gamechangers™ Country Awards 2023 Over the last 20 years Gamechang...

Visa Services Provider of the Year by Global Awards 2023/24 Corporate LiveWire

05 December 2023

Visa Services Provider of the Year Global Awards 2023/24 Corporate LiveWire The Visa Centre (Pvt) Ltd is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Visa Services Provider of the Year at the Glo...

Visa Processing Consultancy Firm of the Year in Sri Lanka – 2024 by Corporate INTL Magazine Global Awards.

24 October 2023

The Visa Centre is pleased to confirm and announce that we been awarded the Visa Processing Consultancy Firm of the Year in Sri Lanka – 2024 by Corporate INTL Magazine Global Awards. Since 2005 Corp...

Student Housing for Canada International Students

19 October 2023

We know affordable housing can be tough to find on a student budget. Apply to these 11 institutions to obtain housing if you are an undergraduate first-year student. Now, students can focus more on th...

International Citizenship Expert of the Year in Sri Lanka by Leaders in Law – Winner – 2023 Global Awards

18 October 2023

It is with great pride that we announce that The Visa Centre (Pvt) Ltd has been announced a winner at the Leaders by Law 2023 Global Awards. We were named the International Citizenship Expert of the Y...

Best Visa Consultation Services Company 2023 Awarded by APAC Business Awards 2023

04 October 2023

APAC Insider has announced that their prestigious Business Awards have return for the eighth consecutive year in 2023! APAC Insider, recognises the leading companies and individuals who are at the cut...

CAD 60,000 Scholarship 💰 🎓 in Nova Scotia

03 October 2023

Today we bring you details from a public university in Nova Scotia, the Atlantic part of Canada where students see the best part of Canada. Undergraduate students can apply to the January & Sept...

Are You Planning to Move Overseas ?

31 July 2023

Don’t let the complexities of banking hold you back. Now HSBC partners with The Visa Centre and offers hassle-free International bank accounts for a smooth transition to your new destination. Se...

British Columbia Is the Place to Be! Apply to Winter 2024 Intakes!

20 May 2023

British Columbia Is the Place to Be! Apply to Winter 2024 Intakes! 180,000+ international students make it to British Columbia (BC) every year. Are your One of them? BC is the third-largest Canadian ...

About Canada

  • Overview

    Canada, like its aboriginal namesake suggests, is a meeting place, of peoples, beliefs, and ideas. Canada’s population is extremely diverse comprising of peoples from all over the globe who have learnt to work, play, and live together in peace.

    Canada is a land of freedom, where people are free to learn, to live, to grow. All religions and cultures are respected in Canada ,regardless of colour, race, age and sexual orientation. Canada is a land steeped in histories, the natural history of the land, the native history of the aboriginal people, and the many histories of the residents of Canada and their places of origin have crossed and overlapped to create a colourful set of circumstances that have allowed the country to flourish.

    Canada is a global leader in education and innovation, leading in technological integration and “green” or environmentally-friendly infrastructures. Whether for business or pleasure, Canada promises to be a memorable and productive choice of destination.

  • Climate

    Contrary to popular belief, Canada experiences a variety of different temperatures and seasons apart from its wintry deep freeze. People in Canada can enjoy brisk winters, sunny summers, refreshing springs and beautiful autumns. Winters in Canada can begin around the end of October and may continue into late April depending on one’s location in the country. During the Canadian summers, temperatures can rise up to and above 30 degrees Celsius. Because of its four seasons, Canada experiences a wide variety of plant and animal life, in spring tulips sprout plentifully painting the sidewalks and parks vibrant shades of yellow, orange, pink and purple. In fall, the burning hues of red and orange are contrasted by the rich tones of gold and brown as the leaves all change colour in preparation for the coming winter.

  • Culture

    Canadian culture is best described as a cultural mosaic. Each piece retains its individual quality but it is also contributes to the overall sum, which is distinctly beautiful. While there is a strong Canadian identity, immigrants to Canada still value their roots and are free to express their original cultural heritage openly. Canada’s culture is not one of assimilation but rather acceptance, and so on one street in any corner of the country you will see many different people with many different backgrounds interacting on a daily basis. One of the direct benefits of this symbiotic system is that cultures collide and blend, creating a multitude of interesting combinations that everyone is free to enjoy. Canadian culture was originally European dominated, specifically French and British as they were the earliest settlers of the land, but the aboriginal population has been pushing for greater and greater influence and has seen much more participation in the public and bureaucratic sphere recently. Also, Canada’s welcoming immigration policy has lead to an influx of migrant peoples from all over the world, and so even when travelling from afar, it is never hard to find a little piece of home in Canada.

  • Transport

    There are many options for commute in Canada. Train, bus, or subway are the most affordable options. In major cities, like Toronto or Ottawa, you are sure to have access to a complete system of travel. In Toronto, you can access the subway, an underground system of trains, on one side of the city, ride to the other side of the city and then, if necessary, take a bus to your specific location. There is also an intricate system of railways that connect one end of Canada to another. The cost of public transportation depends on your method of travel, and what city you are travelling in. Fares can range from CA$3. for the bus to almost $8 for a ride on the GO train.

  • Healthcare

    Health insurance is often paid when people go to Canada as students or visitors. Most Canadian universities require students to be covered by health insurance of some kind. Without health insurance, hospitals may refuse to treat you in event of an emergency. If you do require medical assistance, there are plenty of options available to you, there are walk-in clinics, hospitals and telephone health lines you can call for advice about a medical situation.

  • Sports & Recreation

    Sports are one of the main sources of recreation in Australia. Due to the moderate climate, outdoor activity is common all year round. Tennis, golf, basketball, swimming, horse racing, rugby and of course cricket make up the most followed sports in the country. For adventure seekers, Canada has plenty to offer. Options for adrenaline seekers include but are not limited to: skydiving, bungee jumping, mountain biking, indoor racing, scaling the bridge, rappelling, paintball, fishing and rock- climbing.

  • Part-time / Casual Work

    Job opportunities in Canada are varied and diverse; your ability to find a job in Canada is directly related to your fluency in English. The more comfortable you are with English the better, as the customer service sector is where you are likely to find work. Retail is the most popular choice for part time work in Canada but there is are great opportunities everywhere if you know where to look.

    Usually, part time workers make the general minimum wage rate which is between $8.75 $10.25/hour, however, as students, companies may pay you a student rate which is $9.60/hour in Ontario , be sure to clarify this with your employer at your interview so you can have a full picture of what your job will entail. Working at a mall will usually result in a general minimum wage. Working as a waiter or waitress, you will make a lower base rate, at least $8.90 in Ontario but due to the type of shifts and tips you receive from customers, you may find yourself making more money this way than at a mall or clothing store.

    Minimum Wages

    updated 2013

    Province              General Wage
    Alberta                         $9.95
    BC                                   $10.25
    Manitoba                     $10.45
    New Brunswick        $10.00
    Newfoundland          $10.00
    NWT                              $10.00
    Nova Scotia               $10.30
    Nunavut                       $11.00
    Ontario                         $10.25
    PEI                                  $10.00
    Quebec                        $10.15
    Saskatchewan         $10.00
    Yukon                           $10.54

  • Night Life

    Night Life in Canada is active to say the least, whether you want to dance the night away in one of night clubs in the heart of the city, or go for a romantic dinner in a classy and sophisticated lounge there is plenty to do once the sun goes down. Live theatre and musical performances happen nightly, weekly, monthly, depending on what you are looking for. Dine on cuisine from around the world or grab one of Canada’s proudest accomplishments, a nice cold beer. The legal age to consume alcohol in Canada is 19, except in Quebec where it is 18. Coffee shops are always bursting with activity and usually hold events Friday to Sunday to entice caffeine cravers. There are also thousands of social unions that you can join to meet like minded people to accompany you on your nighttime excursions. If all else fails you can always catch a movie on the big screen as there are many theatres open 7 days a week. In the warmer weather why not try a drive in theatre and enjoy the latest releases in the comfort and privacy of your own car.

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