New Zealand Migration

New Zealand Migration

New Zealand has been actively encouraging immigration to fill labour shortages as well as providing numerous other paths to residence.

The main pathways are:

Skilled Migration

New Zealand’s Skilled Migration Category (SMC) allows people with the skills and qualifications that New Zealand needs to get residence. Applicants must have qualifications and/or experience in an occupation listed as being in long term shortage in New Zealand.


People with family members with citizenship or residence in New Zealand can also obtain residence, with sponsorship from the family member.

Applicants may be one of the following:

Partner – the husband, wife, defacto or civil union partner of a New Zealand citizen/resident.
Dependent child – dependent child with a parent who is a New Zealand citizen or resident.
Parent – if the applicant has a child who is a New Zealand citizen or resident.


This allows people who have successfully started a business in New Zealand to apply for residence.

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