Australia Visas

Australia Visas

Do you need an Australia Visa? The Visa Centre has expertise and experience in consultation and processing of all types of Australia visas including visit/tourist visas, student visas, migration visas, business visas, work visas, and more.

If you have had your visa application rejected by Australia’s Immigration Authority – we can even help you lodge a professionally prepared appeal!

Australia Visas News

The Visa Centre – CQUniversity Interview Session on 26th February 2019

13 February 2019

  Interested in studying in Australia? CQU representatives will be visiting The Visa Centre on Tuesday, 26th February 2019 from 10.00am to 11.30am. Make an appointment to meet them. Contact us f...

Did You Know About The New Australian Visa For Parents?

14 December 2018

Australia will launch the much-awaited new temporary sponsored visa for parents in 2019. It will start accepting applications for the same in the first half of next year. The Federal Senate of Austral...

Future Population Growth Of Australia Will Be Driven By Immigration

11 December 2018

60% of Australia’s population increase is due to overseas migration. The remaining 40% is accounted for by natural increase which is the number of births minus the number of deaths. However, experts...

Demand For A New Agriculture Visa Growing In Australia

09 December 2018

The program to encourage people living on welfare to work on farms has been declared a failure. This has put the Govt. under pressure to create a new Agriculture Visa in Australia. The demand for a de...

Your Future In Australia. An Important Message For International Students

25 October 2018

With your studies complete it is now time to think about your future in Australia and whether you are looking to stay short term or long term. To remain in Australia most students will require a Tempo...

Australian Government Softens Position On Regional Placement Of International Students

25 October 2018

During his address at the Australian International Education Conference in Sydney last week, Australian Minister of Education Dan Tehan said there was enormous potential to grow international student...

Students – Improve Your Chances Of Getting Australian PR

09 October 2018

Each year many students move to Australia for higher studies. Many of them aspire to settle down in Australia after completeing their studies.  The most common way for students to settle in Australia...

Skilled Migration Visa Minimum Points Required Increased to 65 Points

13 August 2018

Pool and pass mark has increased for most occupations 65 with effect from 1st July 2018 for the following 3 subclasses. This increase will affect all applications submitted on or after 1st July 2018,...

Australian Skilled Migration – Old Subclasses 175 and 176 Capped & Ceased

23 September 2015

Applicants for Australian  visas subclasses 175, 176 and 475  visas (which closed in 2012) whose applications have not been granted will have their applications ceased.

About Australia

  • Overview

    Australia can best be described as a land of great beauty that ranges from the sun-baked interior to the tropical rainforests. With its natural abundance of unique and diverse wildlife, friendly locals and beautiful landscapes, Australia is a well-travelled tourist destination. Australia offers a wide range of sights, smells, and experiences to newcomers with its rich ethnic background comprising of aboriginal, European and migrant histories blending into daily life.

  • Climate

    Australia’s climate is varied according to location, but about 40% of the country is desert. Central Australia is largely desert terrain, and experiences little to no rainfall throughout the year. Northern Australia experiences a tropical climate, enjoying temperatures ranging from 14°C to up and around 32°C. Southern Australia’s temperatures range from 29°C to 15°C throughout the year.

  • Culture

    Australian culture is a blend of Aboriginal values, European influence and more recently immigrant influx. Natives of Australia follow their own indigenous cultural traditions and co-exist peacefully with other residents of the land.

    Australian Cuisine originally only English cooking has now become a vibrant blend of spices and recipes from all over the world including: Turkish, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Greek, South Asian, and Arab culinary styles. Barbeque popular is still highly popular and very commonly washed down with an alcoholic beverage. Australia is home to some very friendly folk that are not afraid to greet new comers with a welcome “G’day Mate!”.

  • Transport

    There are many ways to travel around Australia with many different kinds of transportation, including bus, train, tram, cycling or walking. If travelling large distances it is often easier by flight or coach. Drivers may prefer to hire vehicles, or buy (particularly if you’re settling there). All major cities in Australia will afford you access to public transit, trains, taxis, buses and trams. Students may also be able to carpool with other students to save costs.

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare in Australia is provided by both private and government institutions. Primary health care remains the responsibility of the federal government, elements of which are overseen by individual states. In Australia the current system, known as Medicare, (part of the Department of Human Services) coexists with a private health system. As well as Medicare, there is a separate Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme that heavily subsidizes prescription medications.

  • Sports & Recreation

    Sports are one of the main sources of recreation in Australia. Due to the moderate climate, outdoor activity is common all year round. Tennis, golf, basketball, swimming, horse racing, rugby and of course cricket make up the most followed sports in the country.

    For adventure seekers, Australia has plenty to offer. Options for adrenaline seekers include but are not limited to: skydiving, bungee jumping, mountain biking, indoor racing, scaling the bridge, rappelling, paintball, fishing and rock- climbing. Water adventure sports also draw many to Australia, scuba dive, surf, snorkel and cliff dive along the gold coast for some breathtaking marine beauty and some heart-pounding waves. Along with all the action based sports, Australia offers some luxuriant and challenging golf courses for pros and beginners.

  • Part-time / Casual Work

    Part time job opportunities in Australia are varied and diverse. The more comfortable you are with English the better, as the customer service sector is where you are likely to find work. Finding part time employment in Australia is not difficult for students and there are usually student unions and employment advising centres that will help students find suitable employment that will give you more than just a pay cheque at the end of the day. These services are aimed directly at finding relevant and satisfactory work for students and can be very helpful to those who choose to utilize them. Students can expect to work as waiters, shop clerks, office assistants, kitchen hands, customer service reps, junior camp counselors etc.

    Part-time employees within Australia are legally entitled to paid annual leave, sick leave, and maternity leave etc. except it is covered on a ‘pro-rata’ (percentage) basis depending on the hours worked each week.

    Wages: In Australia full-time employees usually work 38 hours a week. They are paid for a full week’s work and receive benefits like paid annual leave and sick leave.

    Part-time employees work less than 38 hours a week but generally receive the same benefits. These are calculated on a proportionate or ‘pro rata’ basis. If you are employed part-time you will usually work regular hours or shifts.

    Casual employees work on an hourly or daily basis and are less likely to have regular or guaranteed hours. They do not get paid sick leave or annual leave, but the rate of pay is usually higher to make up for this.

  • Night Life

    Trendy bars, nightclubs, theatres and other hotspots are all over the country. Those looking forward to have a taste of the nightlife in Australia will have a range of options to choose from. Australians have always been known for their zest for life. When it comes to partying and enjoying the Australia nightlife, you can surely expect the best.

    Some of the best bars in Australia are: The Austral and The Exeter in Adelaide, Metropolis Concert Club, The Church, The Jackal and Club A in Perth, 20 Meyers Place, 6 Links, Afterdark, Blue Bar 330, CBD Nightclub, E Fifty Five, Platform 66 and Volt in Melbourne, Fantastic Voyage, Flaunt, Essence, Booty Bar Fridays, Chocolate City, DeJa Vu, RnB Madness and Sounds On Sunday in Sydney.

    The Adelaide Festival Center houses a number of halls that host everything from ballet concerts, drama, operas to plays among others. Country music rock concerts and jazz performances can also be enjoyed here. The Arts Theatre, the Sydney Opera House and Her Majesty’s Theatre are other places guaranteed to provide you with a good night.