Student Visas

Student visas are generally needed to study at an institute overseas, whether at school or higher education level.

The Visa Centre’s experienced student services department staff identify the best suited programmes in response to the personal needs and interests of students applying to study abroad, and if special English language assistance is needed, usually recommends an institution which provides an English proficiency programme as well. The Visa Centre works with the educational institutions that students are applying for in order to ensure that all necessary paper work is completed correctly and in a timely manner. This enables a student visa to be issued by the relevant Immigration Services. We also ensure that suitable accommodation arrangements are made for the student during their stay.

Students can enroll at certificate, diploma or degree level, with post-graduate study also being available for suitably qualified applicants. Programs which are popular with our students include Resource Management and Planning, Tourism including Outdoor and Adventure Tourism, Hotel Management and other Hospitality courses, Hairdressing, Children Services, Information Technology and Computing, Business Studies, Media Studies and Accounting.