Australian Permanent Residency: Now Open

07 January 2019

117 occupations open for skilled migrants willing to migrate to Northern Territory Over the next five years, low skilled migrants with limited English will have the option to apply for permanent resid...

Australia Visas

Did You Know About The New Australian Visa For Parents?

14 December 2018

Australia will launch the much-awaited new temporary sponsored visa for parents in 2019. It will start accepting applications for the same in the first half of next year. The Federal Senate of Austral...

Australia Visas

Future Population Growth Of Australia Will Be Driven By Immigration

11 December 2018

60% of Australia’s population increase is due to overseas migration. The remaining 40% is accounted for by natural increase which is the number of births minus the number of deaths. However, experts...

Demand For A New Agriculture Visa Growing In Australia

09 December 2018

The program to encourage people living on welfare to work on farms has been declared a failure. This has put the Govt. under pressure to create a new Agriculture Visa in Australia. The demand for a de...

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Australia: Permanent Residence For Investor Retirement and Retirement Visa Holders

16 November 2018

New legislation due to commence on 17 November 2018 will now provide a pathway to permanent residence for Investor Retirement and Retirement visa holders in Australia. Previously, there was no pathway...

Your Future In Australia. An Important Message For International Students

25 October 2018

With your studies complete it is now time to think about your future in Australia and whether you are looking to stay short term or long term. To remain in Australia most students will require a Tempo...

Australian Government Softens Position On Regional Placement Of International Students

25 October 2018

During his address at the Australian International Education Conference in Sydney last week, Australian Minister of Education Dan Tehan said there was enormous potential to grow international student...

Students – Improve Your Chances Of Getting Australian PR

09 October 2018

Each year many students move to Australia for higher studies. Many of them aspire to settle down in Australia after completeing their studies.  The most common way for students to settle in Australia...

New Occupation List For Western Australia

23 August 2018

The international student market is getting a boost in Western Australia. The Australian Government recently announcing that it will add to the already popular list of skill for graduates of Western A...

Skilled Migration Visa Minimum Points Required Increased to 65 Points

13 August 2018

Pool and pass mark has increased for most occupations 65 with effect from 1st July 2018 for the following 3 subclasses. This increase will affect all applications submitted on or after 1st July 2018,...