Young Learners Scholarship – 50% off on Tuition Fee

What is the offer?
If you are under 16 years old and apply for the UP Education English programme for 12 weeks’ study or more, we will offer you a 50% scholarship against your tuition fees. Students who achieve academic excellence will be eligible for a 20% scholarship upon progression into University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies.

What will I learn?
UP Education English School is one of New Zealand’s leading language schools. We deliver intensive English courses designed to meet the needs of our students. The school’s English language courses are flexible and innovative. The primary aims are to develop our students’ academic language skills and to provide guaranteed pathways for further study with UP Education. With small class sizes and dedicated tutors, UP Education makes learning fun and interesting.

Where will I live and study?
Here at UP Education our student support staff will arrange excellent homestay accommodation in Auckland for all students. We have a wide range of host families who are very experienced in looking after international students and supporting your study goals. UP Education English School is located at the Pathways Campus at 345 Queen Street in central Auckland, with easy access to public transport. The campus is fully equipped with modern classrooms, computer rooms, a student common room, a library and a cafeteria.

When can I start?
UP Education English offers two intake dates as listed below:
• 6th July 2020
• 5 October 2020