Green Card – EB3

Green Card – EB3

What is EB3 Visa?

The EB3 visa means it is the third preference employment-based (EB) green card. As with other green cards, it gives the holder indefinite / permanent residency to live and work in the United States.

Our lawyers based in The US, Ruby Law Group,  have several employer clients ready to sponsor candidates for the EB-3 processes. They have openings in food production roles at multiple U.S. locations as well as vacancies in the home health care field. Candidates arrive to the U.S. not only with a job, but also gain permanent residency (a green card) upon arrival.

Please note that this is NOT a free program. While the employer is required to and does cover all costs connected to the labor certification process, selected candidates must pay for costs personal to their immigration processing (and that of their family members), such as visa fees and relocation expenses.


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