Partner Visa

Partner Visa

UK partner visa allows partners (spouses, de facto and/or same-sex partners and fiances or proposed civil union partners) of UK citizens or permanent resident (person settled in the UK) to join their partner in the UK.


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  • Requirements


    Applicants must be an eligible partner of a UK citizen or permanent resident who is currently living or who intends to live permanently in the UK.

    They must also:

    be aged 18 or over at the date of application, meet the English language requirements, meet accommodation and maintenance (funds) requirements and demonstrate that their relationship is genuine and subsisting.


    A Partner visa entitles the holder to enter and live in the UK with their partner. A Partner visa is usually granted temporarily, depending on the type of relationship,ie for 33 months for a spouse.

    When the applicant has completed 5 years legally staying in the UK as a spouse or partner, he/she can apply to settle in the UK permanently.

    A partner applicant may also bring dependent and unmarried children under 18 years as dependant applicants if they meet the requirements.

    Fiance Or Proposed Civil Union Partner

    Partners granted visas under this category must intend to get married or register a Civil Union within 6 months of arrival in UK and thereafter live together.

    The relationship may be heterosexual or homosexual (same-sex) but the two people must not be related by blood.

    Unmarried Or Same-Sex De Facto Partner

    Unmarried long-term partners of a UK citizen or settled person may apply for permanent residence, like a spouse, but the documents required are different.

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