Work To Residence Visas

30 October 2023

With effect from 29th September 2023, A new priority processing order for skilled residence applications have been introduced. This covers applications under Work to Residence, Straight to Residence and the Skilled Migrant Category.

Visa applications are generally allocated and processed in the order of how they are received. Residence applications take longer to process as they require additional checks and information from applicants.

The new priority processing order will recognising the importance of Tier 1 Green List occupations, highly paid workers, and well-qualified or well-paid Skilled Migrant Category applicants.

These applications will be allocated for processing before other skilled residence applications:

  • ⁜ Occupations on the Tier 1 Green List
  • ⁜ People paid three times the median wage.
  • ⁜ Skilled Migrant Category applicants with 6 points without work experience.