USA: More EB3 Opportunities – Green Card

More exciting news for prospective applicants looking to live and work in The US on a Green Card (EB3 Visa).

Caregivers –  There are many, many openings for caregivers and employers are interviewing actively each week. The job is primarily caring for an older person one-on-one in their home. Some of the people are healthier and need less assistance, but require help keeping the house tidy, driving to the store etc. Others are in less good health and need more assistance to make sure they’re safe and comfortable. It is important to understand the hours of these jobs are not always consistent – you will have full-time hours but times may change from week to week.

These are in New Jersey and New Hampshire right now. Coming soon, openings in Oregon and Minnesota. No medical training or experience is needed and you will be taught everything you need to know in order to do the job.

Food Production Associates –  There are very limited number of spaces remaining at a place in Ohio that makes items such as ketchup and salad dressing. This is primarily tending to the machines that produce the items and/or moving things around for shipment. If you are interested in this, please contact the US lawyer as soon as possible because there are only a couple openings left here.

Meat packaging –  A large company near Chicago, Illinois needs assistance in many different departments. The company packages meats for sale in supermarkets. They require people to package things, people to help move things around the warehouse for shipping etc. There are many openings here. Note that the company works on all types of meat products (beef, sausage, turkey, chicken, pork).

More jobs in different locations coming soon!


In order to apply, please forward your cv to Please ensure your WhatsApp number is mentioned for future communication.

Ruby Law Group has extensive experience representing people from all around the world seeking to immigrate to the United States through the EB-3 visa category.

Please note that this is NOT a free program. While the employer is required to and does cover all costs connected to the labor certification process, selected candidates must pay for costs personal to their immigration processing (and that of their family members), such as visa fees and relocation expenses.

Please note The Visa Centre is NOT an employment agent. Our services are strictly to provide local office support for the visa process ONLY, under instructions from our US attorneys RUBYLAW.