USA: More EB3 Opportunities – Green Card

More exciting news for prospective applicants looking to live and work in The US on a Green Card (EB3 Visa).

  • 🔹 Home health caregivers needed in central New Jersey – 75 minutes by car to either New York City or Philadelphia. Additional openings in Manchester, New Hampshire – about one hour by car from Boston. This job involves caring for an older person one-on-one in their home. Many patients are older and simply need help with basic tasks – driving to a doctor’s appointment or keeping the house tidy. Other patients are either more seriously infirmed or reaching the end of their lives. In those cases, the aide will be responsible for mainly monitoring their condition, working with nursing supervisor to ensure medications are being administered properly, and the patient is comfortable. Please note that the schedule for these jobs is irregular – you will know a week ahead of time, but it can vary week-to-week if patient needs change. In addition, while not required, this job would be quite difficult to do for someone unable to drive or without a driver’s license (in general, your Sri Lankan license qualifies you to drive in the U.S. for several months post-arrival, during which time we can provide guidance on how to get your U.S. license).


In order to apply, please forward your CV / resume  to Please ensure your WhatsApp number is mentioned for future communication.

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Please note that this is NOT a free program. While the employer is required to and does cover all costs connected to the labor certification process, selected candidates must pay for costs personal to their immigration processing (and that of their family members), such as visa fees and relocation expenses.

Please note The Visa Centre is NOT an employment agent. Our services are strictly to provide local office support for the visa process ONLY, under instructions from our US attorneys RUBYLAW.

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