New UK Startup Visa For Foreign Tech Entrepreneurs

04 September 2018

The UK Government  Home Office has announced that they want to make more UK visas available to foreign tech entrepreneurs enabling them to set up their businesses in Britain. A new UK startup visa will be launched in Spring 2019.

This current Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa is difficult to obtain as most people do not have the £200’000 to invest in a business in the UK so this would be a welcome addition. The new UK startup visa should make entry to the UK for business people much easier.

Home Secretary, Sajid Javid Said: “The UK can be proud that we are a leading nation when it comes to tech and innovation, but we want to do more to attract businesses to the UK and our migration system plays a key part in that.”

The home secretary further highlighted the Startup Visa would ensure that the UK continues to attract the best global talent, while cementing the country’s place as a world-leading destination for entrepreneurs.