Did You Know About The New Australian Visa For Parents?

14 December 2018

Australia will launch the much-awaited new temporary sponsored visa for parents in 2019. It will start accepting applications for the same in the first half of next year.

The Federal Senate of Australia passed the Migration Amendments Bill on 28th November. With it, the Senate rolled out the new Parents Visa. The immigrant community in Australia had been demanding for such a visa for quite some time now.

David Coleman, Immigration Minister, said that the new visa will help reunite families. It will provide a new route for parents and grandparents to visit their family in Australia. The visa will render the Australian community with great social benefits.

The new temporary sponsored Parent Visa will allow parents of Australian immigrants to live in Australia for 5 years. They would be able to live in Australia continuously for these 5 years without the need to exit.

The Australian Govt. has also put a sponsorship framework in place for this new Visa.