Aged Dependent Relative Visa (Subclass 114)

Aged Dependent Relative Visa (Subclass 114)

This visa was permanently closed to new applications on 2 June 2014. No further applications for this visa can be made. This is for reference only.

The Aged Dependent Relative Visa (Subclass 114) is a permanent visa that allows some older people who meet age requirements to migrate to Australia if they rely on an eligible relative in Australia to provide financial support.


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  • Requirements

    To be eligible for this visa, applicants must :

    • be sponsored by a relative or partner who lives in Australia
    • demonstrate that  they have been wholly or substantially dependent on the relative in Australia for financial support for basic needs of food, shelter and clothing or because they have a disability which prevents them from working. This support must have been continuing for at least three (3) years.
    • meet the age requirements
    • not have a spouse or de facto partner
    • have someone who will provide an assurance of support
    • meet health and character requirements.


    Successful applicants are granted a permanent visa. It allows the holder and family to:

    • stay in Australia indefinitely as an Australian permanent resident
    • travel to and from Australia as a permanent resident for five  (5)years from the date the visa is granted

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