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UK migrants and visitors to be charged for healthcare

Posted on January  13 , 2014

Visitors and migrants to the UK will soon have new charges for public health services. This includes extra fees for prescriptions, optical and dental services and some emergency care.

Under the proposed rules, migrants will still be able to get free GP and nurse consultations,  a decision made  to help prevent the spread of infection and disease to the public. Further, foreigners will not be turned away in an emergency, but such A&E visits by may still be billed for once stablised.

At the moment, the UK NHS (National Health Service) health services are generally free to those “ordinarily resident” in the UK, this includes those on UK work visas

The rationale behind the scheme is intended to save the UK taxpayer and avoid people visiting UK to make use of free health services, including maternity care.

Specific details are to be released in March this year. It is not yet clear when the changes would come into force.

If you are interested in visiting or migrating to the UK, see The  Visa Centre.