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Updates to NZ List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment and Recognised as an Exception

Posted on March  16 , 2015
On 30 March 2015, the New Zealand List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment  and the Qualifications Recognised as an Exception will be updated.

It is recommended that people in the following situations check the updated lists as the changes might have impacted whether they can claim points for their qualifications without an individual assessment from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority:

  • those intending to complete an Expression of Interest under Skilled Migrant Category instructions, or
  • those who have already submitted an Expression of Interest, or
  • those who have been Invited to Apply for residence.

List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment (Appendix 3)

The following country lists in Appendix 3 will be updated:

  • Australia (Academic Qualifications)
  • Germany (Academic Qualifications)
  • Germany (Craft and Trade Qualifications)
  • Germany (Technical Vocational Qualifications)
  • Philippines (Academic Qualifications)
  • South Africa (Academic Qualifications)
  • South Africa (Technical and Vocational Qualifications)
  • South Africa (Trade Qualifications)
  • South Korea (Academic Qualifications)
  • Sri Lanka (Academic Qualifications)
  • United Kingdom (Academic Qualifications)
  • United Kingdom (Technical and Vocational Qualifications), and
  • United Kingdom (Trade and Craft Qualifications).

 The changes include:

  • Addition and removal of qualifications
  • Addition and removal of institutions
  • Changes to qualification levels
  • Changes to qualification awarding dates.

For Sri Lanka the following qualifications will be added:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons) (BASH) – eg from University of Peradeniya (after 2010)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (still requires assessment from NZQA
  • BBA from University of Colombo (after 2010)
  • LLB from University of Colombo (after 2000)
  • BSE from University of Moratuwa (after 2014)

Qualifications Recognised as an Exception (Appendix 8)

The following country lists in Appendix 8 will be updated:

  • Germany Exceptions
  • South Africa Exceptions
  • United Kingdom Exceptions

 Source: Immigration New Zealand

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