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UK stays over 6 months require biometric residence permit

Posted on August  25 , 2015

People who are staying in the UK for more than 6 months are now required to get a biometric residence permit  (BRP) on arrival.

Successful visa applicants first receive a 30 day travel visa.


  • they must travel within this 30 day period
  • if the travel visa expires before an applicant travels, they will need to apply for a replacement and pay another fee in order to travel to the UK
  • upon arrive in the UK one must collect their BRP from thePost Office chosen when applying, within 10 days
  • a letter will be sent with the visa decision providing instructions

The BRP is an important document which provides proof of  permission to be in the UK, for how long and the conditions attached, and can also be used as identification.

A BRP must be obtained to:

  • apply to come to the UK (for more than 6 months)
  • apply to extend a visa or settle in the UK
  • transfer a visa to a new passport
  • apply for certain Home Office travel documents

There is no need to apply separately for a BRP, as data will be obtained as part of the visa/migration application.