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UK immigration/visa fee changes come into effect

Posted on April  09 , 2014

This week (as of 6 April 2014),  UK immigration fees have increased for visas, immigration and nationality applications, and associated premium services. This was previewed in our previous news post in February.

Most fees have increased 4% rise for most fees, including the short-term visitor visa and most work, study and settlement (migration/residence) applications.  Increases have also been made to other specific categories.

The UK Home Office (government department) says the fee increases will allow them to improve customer service and cover costs through those applicants benefiting from it.

Key changes:

  • fees for most applications, including short-term visit, work, study and settlement, increased by 4%
  • fees for all dependants are set at the same level as main applicants (25% discount for in-UK dependants applying with main applicants removed)
  • nationality fees restructured, with discounts for child applications
  • priority postal service fee has risen to £300 and the in-person application fee to £400
  • fee for direct airside transit visa decreased to £40
  • sponsorship fees for Tier 2 large sponsor licenses and sponsor action plans decrease, and a number of other sponsorship fees are frozen
  • Tier 2 shortage occupations fee of £428 was introduced for applicants both overseas and in the UK
  • new 5 year Tier 2 general and ICT applications introduced
  • 10 year long term visit visa frozen at £737
  • new registered traveller fee to be introduced when the scheme is rolled-out

The Home Office will also set a single global fee for a number of optional premium services for applications made outside the UK, as well as expanding many of these services.

This includes:

  • 3 to 5 day priority visa service for £100, or £300 for priority settlement applications
  • super priority visa service, with turnaround in as little as 24 hours for £600
  • new user pays visa application centres, where applicants can submit applications in more convenient locations for a fee of £59
  • appointments outside office hours for a fee of £50 and an expanded passport pass-back service for £4


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