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UK immigration law challenged

Posted on December  20 , 2011

Rashida Chapti, a British Citizen living in the UK has filed a human rights complaint with the new immigration law which requires spouse immigrants to speak English. Under this new ruling implemented in November of 2010 by Home Secretary, Theresa May, all spouses must speak English in order to immigrate to the UK. Mrs. Chapti says this new law violates her right to a family life and to marriage.

Mr. Vali Chupti, 57, cannot speak, read, or write English, and admittedly has no plans to learn once in the UK. His wife, Mrs. Chapti says he will be a valuable member of society, but several local voices have spoken out against letting this husband join his wife in the UK.

Amanda Platell, a columnist for, has taken a firm stance against letting this man, and those like him into the UK stating,

“In isolation, Mrs Chapti’s sounds a pitiful case. What difference would the arrival of one middle-aged Indian man make, even if he can’t speak English?

But we can’t treat this case in isolation. Unless we insist that people arriving here speak our common language, we can’t operate as a harmonious society. If those who arrive on our shores can’t communicate with us, how can they expect to work and contribute? How can they avoid being a leech on others?”

Manjit Gill, who is representing the couple, strongly refutes this logic stating that is discrimination against “persons who tend to marry within their communities, who tend to have arranged marriages, who tend to be from the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East in particular” he plans to have this new law overturned so that the couple can be together in the UK.

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