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Online Australian Tourist Visa expands to Maldives and Croatia

Posted on June  24 , 2011

The Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship announced today the expansion of the electronic tourist visa program to citizens of the Maldives and Croatia.

From July 1, 2011 – citizens of Croatia and the Maldives can apply electronically for the e676 online tourist visa using a fast, secure and convenient application process. The online visa gives applicants the ability to check the progress of their application electronically and does not require a visa label to be placed in a passport.

Once granted, a notification is sent to the client providing details of the visa and airlines are able to confirm the visa entitlements through the Advanced Passenger Processing System. Clients can also, if they wish, print a copy of their visa approval notification email to carry with them while travelling to Australia.

The online visa system is currently unavailable to citizens of many other countries, including Sri Lanka where applications have to be lodged physically. The Visa Centre with over 9 years of industry experience can advise and assist citizens of all countries whether they choose to lodge applications electronically or manually.