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NZ Silver Fern job search visa opening postponed

Posted on April  17 , 2014

The Silver Fern Job Search category usually opens in April each year.  According to Immigraton New Zealand, the category is currently being reviewed and it is intended that it will open in late 2014. Further details will be available once the review is completed.

The Silver Fern Job Search visa allows successful applicants drawn out of a pool, to stay in New Zealand for nine-months to look for skilled work. If they find skilled work, they can then apply for the two-year Silver Fern Practical Experience visa, which may then lead to applying for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category.

Only 300 people worldwide are granted a Silver Fern Job Search visa each year, and places are secured on a first-come first-served basis, through an online expression of interest system. The category has been extremely popular, with demand significantly increasing every year. Places are usually taken within minutes of the online application system being available to customers.

Source: Immigration New Zealand.