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No limit on number of Indian students for UK

Posted on November  22 , 2013

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed that there is no limit on the number of Indian students who can study in the UK. On his way to the CHOGM summit in Sri Lanka, while in In India, he spoke with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Delhi and was interviewed by the Indian media. When questioned as to whether Indian students were not welcome in UK and there was a freeze on opportunities for them, the UK prime minister responded, “‘My message is very clear. We want to attract the brightest and the best to Britain whether you’re a student, a post-grad, entrepreneur or businessman. If you’re a genuine student studying at a genuine institution, you will get your visa. There are no limits on numbers’.” However, Mr Cameron faces pressure to cut net immigration to the UK, as agreed when his government came into power in 2010. Immigration from Commonwealth countries to the UK has been contentious for some time. On 11th November 2013, when the UK Minister for Immigration Mark Harper addressed the House of Lords Committee about the scheme for graduates to work in the UK Mr Harper said “If you are a graduate, it’s actually very straightforward to stay here. If you have a graduate level job paying just over £20,000 a year, then you can stay in the United Kingdom. I don’t think we necessarily landed that argument well enough”. The Visa can help students apply to study in the UK, see UK Student Visas.