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New Zealand Migration Boom

Posted on August  23 , 2014

New Zealand has experienced a migration boom close to record levels.

This is partly attributable to the Canterbury rebuild, following the Christchurch earthquake in 2011. Following that, a new Canterbury Skills Shortage List and Canterbury Employment & Skills Hub was introduced to encourage employment and facilitate migration to that region.

Further, there has been a rise in the number of international students from India and China, mainly.

On the other side, less New Zealanders have been migrating to Australia due to a decline in the labour market there. New Zealand’s economic market has been improving, relative to Australia’s.

Unemployment in New Zealand is currently  5.6 per cent, while the unemployment rate in Australia was at 6.4 per cent, according to July figures, the worst job market for a decade.

Arrivals to New Zealand from Australia were the highest in decades, according to Westpac Bank economists.

While most new migrantchristchurch restart malls to New Zealand settle in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, there has been an increase in arrivals to Canterbury with more than 5500, compared to 900  new migrants in Wellington, the capital city.


Student visas to NZ were up 4800 in the past year to July.

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Source: The Dominion Post –

Image: Christchurch’s Re-Start Container Mall