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New Zealand Immigration phone scams target migrants in NZ

Posted on December  18 , 2013

Recently some people in New Zealand have been phoned from callers who fraudulently claim to be calling from Immigration New Zealand, the official Immigration New Zealand department has reported.

The scam callers tell the person that there has been a problem with their visa or arrival card information and demand that they pay money into a Western Union account or face serious consequences, such as deportation. However, these calls are   not  from Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

The callers have reportedly  seemed to be targeting people from India.  According to INZ, often the caller has some details of the person they are speaking to, such as the name, date of birth and/or address. They may also quote reference numbers, although these do not appear to match Immigration New Zealand client or application numbers.

Anyone in New Zealand who receives such phone call should report it to the New Zealand Police and should not under any circumstances, make the payments demanded by the caller.