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New Zealand a popular migration destination – especially for Chinese investors

Posted on April  29 , 2014

“Is New Zealand China’s next Canada?” asks the South China Morning Post. New Zealand reached its highest intake of immigrants in more than 10 years, attributable mainly to an influx of wealthy Chinese immigrants. Of the 6,200 new Chinese arrivals in the 12 months leading up to March, half were participants in a scheme New Zealand’s Investor Plus scheme. levitra generic name Most of New Zealand’s long-term arrivals were from China (6,200), followed by 6,100 from India and 5,800 from is viagra over the counter canada Britain over the same period. Ming Tiang, cialis price head cialis vs viagra of Chiwi Immigration Services in Auckland, said that the top attraction for Chinese families was the “beautiful environment, good weather and living standard” in New Zealand. New Zealand’s net migration surged to an 11-year high of 31,900 in the year to March, tadacip brand online as 98,000 immigrants arrived and 66,100 left the country. It was the second-highest net gain yet. Sources: Slate