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Multiple-entry visitor visas and fee changes for Canada temporary visas

Posted on February  05 , 2014

From tomorrow (February 6th) visitors to Canada will automatically be considered for multiple-entry visas to visit Canada multiple times for up to 6 months, over 10 years.

The multiple-entry visa is particularly popular with visitors who hold 10-year passports and have been eligible to apply for a 10-year visa, such as nationals of China, India and Mexico. Sri Lankan passports also fall within this category.

Citizens of countries with 5-year valid passports can apply for multiple-entry visas for up to five years.

The fee for temporary resident visas (TRV) will be reduced from CAD150 to 100 (approx LKR11,800) for single or multiple entry.

However, other fees for temporary resident visas will be increased.

These increases include (all figures in CAD):

  • $25 for study permits and renewals;
  • $5 increase for work permits and renewals;
  • $25 increase for extensions to remain in Canada as a visitor;
  • $100 as the maximum fee for a family to apply for TRVs; and
  • $15 as the maximum work permit fee for a group of performing artists and their staff.