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Mandatory digital applications for two more types of Denmark Immigration applications

Posted on December  02 , 2015

As of 1 December 2015 the Immigration Service has imposed mandatory digital self-service for the following two types of applications (the name of the respective self-service solution is noted within the brackets):

  • Application for extension of a residence permit on the grounds of family reunification for children over the age of 18 (FA4-5 online)
  • Application for the issue of convention passport or alien’s passport (PA1-2 online)

This means that those applicants have to use the respective digital self-service solution that the Immigration Service provides at when to submit one of these applications. If  not, the Immigration Service will not process the application and the applicant has to submit a new application.

The Immigration Service has already imposed mandatory digital self-service for other types of applications as follows:


Extension of a residence permit for a family-reunified spouse or partner. Aliens Act
sec. 9(1) (i) and sec. 9c(1)
FA3 online
Extension of a residence permit as a family-reunified child under 18. Aliens Act
sec. 9(1) (ii) and (iii) and sec. 9c(1)
FA4-5 online
Extension of a residence permit as a family-reunified child over 18. Aliens Actsec. 9 (1) (ii) and (iii) and sec. 9c (1) FA4-5 online
Permanent residence permit on the ground of family reunification or asylum. Aliens Act
sec. 11, cf. sec. 7-9, sec. 9b-9c and sec. 9e
TU1-4 online (in Danish only)
Permanent residence permit as a foreigner with strong ties to Denmark (in Danish only). E.g. previous Danish citizenship, Danish heritage or affiliation with the Danish minority in South Schleswig. Aliens Act
sec. 11, cf. sec. 9c and sec. 9d
TU1-4 online (in Danish only)
New residence Card. KO1/US online (in Danish only)
New residence card for children under 18. Aliens Executive Order
sec. 23(2)
KO1/US online (in Danish only)
Issue of a convention passport or alien’s passport. Aliens Executive Order sec. 6 PA1-2 online
Prior approval of companies for reception of business visits. Aliens Act
sec. 4d
VF1 online (in Danish only)

There are a number of advantages when using the digital self-service solutions. When submitting a digital application to the Immigration Service the user ensures that all the relevant and necessary information is submitted. The questions in the digital self-service solutions adapt to the individual user and all information is transferred directly to the Immigration Service’s case processing systems. This ensures a faster case process and thereby a better service for the users.

Certain applicants are exempt from the requirement of digital self-service

There can be special circumstances which mean that some people cannot fill in a digital application. In these situations the Immigration Service will process an application even though it is not digitally submitted. The special circumstances can e.g. be:

  • Applicant lacks digital qualifications
  • Due to health issues the applicant cannot use the digital self-service solution

The Immigration Service will in the assessment of whether an applicant can be exempt from the requirement of digital self-service take into account that the applicant has already been exempt from Digital Post from public authorities.

Applicants, who are exempt from the digital self-service solution, will instead have to submit the application on relevant printable application forms to the Immigration Service.

It is not required that third-parties, e.g. lawyers and relatives, as well as Turkish Citizens, who are covered by the Association Agreement between the EU and Turkey, have to use the digital self-service solutions.

Source:  New to Denmark

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