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Is Canada right for you? Do Your Research!

Posted on December  20 , 2011

Although Canada is a land teeming with opportunities, adjusting to the Canadian lifestyle can be a stressful time for anyone leaving their home country. According to recent polls by Royal Bank, 58% of Chinese and South Asian immigrants agreed that emotional preparedness is vital to coping with the stresses of migrating to Canada. One of the most difficult challenges for new migrants is the financial aspect of migrating to Canada. As per the Federal Skilled Worker Program, an immigrant must have at least $11,115 CAD available to begin their new life however, you must make sure to allocate your funds carefully because this money can run out quickly if you don’t. The same survey also found that just about half (47%) of immigrants did research on the country they were planning to live

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in via the internet. Some parts of the Canadian lifestyle surprised them, for example the level of qualification needed to get certain jobs as well as the number of hours you are expected to work per week. Knowledge is key to adapting smoothly into whatever host country you have chosen to join, so it is highly recommended that you spent a good deal of time finding out about what life in Canada is like for new immigrants. This knowledge will give you peace of mind and help you plan for your new life which will make your transition into Canadian society a lot easier. In order to get the full picture of life in Canada please visit our Canada page. There you will find useful information like, climate, transport costs, minimum work wages and more. Whether for work, study or travel, let us at The Visa Centre ensure that your Canadian dreams come true!