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Indian and Chinese students being rejected NZ student visas

Posted on July  23 , 2013

Immigration New Zealand has declined on average about 10 student visa applications from Indian nationals each day – mainly because they contain false or misleading information.

In the year from about July 2011 to July 2012  Immigration New Zealand  declined 3453 applications from India and 1027 Chinese applications.

A random check of 1800 applications found 279 fraudulent applications were received from Bejing, China.

“Immigration fraud will not be tolerated,” said Immigration New Zealand’s general manager, Peter Elms.  “Fraud strikes at the heart of New Zealand’s immigration system”.

“The integrity of our immigration system is paramount, given its importance to New Zealand and our international reputation.”

Another common discovery was where money had been transferred to a student applicant’s account and falsified bank statements shown.

It became clear that many students, particularly from India gained student visas with the intention of working.

“Where fraud is suspected based either on our own discoveries or information received, we will investigate and act irrespective of how long ago the person was granted entry,” Mr Elms said.