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Canada Student Visa rules to change in June

Posted on February  21 , 2014

The Canadian government recently announced changes to the Canada Student Visa (Study Permit) rules, coming into effect in June this year (2014).

Changes which may make it easier for student visa applicants after June include:

  •  allowing part-time work and full-time work in the holidays, without separately applying for a visa.
  • allowing certain visitors to apply for study permits while in Canada
  • allowing students to stay in Canada until 90 days after completion of study
  • allowing some student visa holders to work full time after graduation

Changes may make it more difficult for student visa applicants/holders, such as:

  • having to enrol for study first and continuing study upon grant of visa or face removal from Canada
  • limitations on which institutes students may study at
  • limitations on who can apply for a Co-Op work permit (for work placements)
  • expiry of student visa after 90 days of the visa (if previous visa period would have been longer)

A summary of changes are as follows:

Students interested in studying in Canada should see The Visa Centre for further information