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Australia’s Budget 2014-15 – Migration

Posted on May  24 , 2014

On 13 May 2014, Australia’s Federal Budget was delivered by the Commonwealth Treasurer, Hon Joe Hockey. Implications for Australian migration (and temporary and other visas) are as follows.

The 2014-15 Migration Program will remain at 190,000 places. The breakdown, as follows, is the same as in the 2013-2014 budget:

  • 128,550 skilled stream places 
  • 60,885 family stream places
  •  565 special eligibility places.

There are some changes to the Family Stream: additional partner and child places will

be made available, in place of other family and non-contributory parent places.

This shows a continued focus on getting skilled migrants to Australia, to help contribute to Australia’s economic growth, while maintaining a large number of family places.

Other announcements nclude the Government pledging to invest $1.3 million over four years to expand the streamlined student visa processing arrangements through eligible education providers.

The Refugee and Humanitarian Program will provide 13,750 places, reduced from 20,000 in 2012-13 but remaining the same as the revised 2013-14 Program allocation. 

The  previous allocation of 4,000  Family Stream places for people found to be owed protection in Australia to reunite with immediate family members  (a result of the recommendation by the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers in 2012)  has been removed.

The 2014-15 Refugee and Humanitarian Program will provide 13,750 places. 11,000 places will  be reserved for refugee and humanitarian entrants offshore, including 4,000 reserved for people applying through the Special Humanitarian Program. There will be 1,000 places allocated under the Woman at Risk program (down from 1,673 allocated in 2012-13).

Temporary visa grants to refugees who arrived in Australia without visas will be in addition to the 13,750 grants under the Refugee and Humanitarian Program.

The budget allocations for migration categories we deal with (and comparisons to the previous year’s budget) are as follows:


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