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Part Time Work

Job opportunities in Canada are varied and diverse; your ability to find a job in Canada is directly related to your fluency in English. The more comfortable you are with English the better, as the customer service sector is where you are likely to find work. Retail is the most popular choice for part time work in Canada but there is are great opportunities everywhere if you know where to look.

Usually, part time workers make the general minimum wage rate which is between $8.75 $10.25/hour, however, as students, companies may pay you a student rate which is $9.60/hour in Ontario , be sure to clarify this with your employer at your interview so you can have a full picture of what your job will entail. Working at a mall will usually result in a general minimum wage. Working as a waiter or waitress, you will make a lower base rate, at least $8.90 in Ontario but due to the type of shifts and tips you receive from customers, you may find yourself making more money this way than at a mall or clothing store.

Minimum Wages

updated 2013

Province General Wage
Alberta $9.95
BC $10.25
Manitoba $10.45
New Brunswick $10.00
Newfoundland $10.00
NWT $10.00
Nova Scotia $10.30
Nunavut $11.00
Ontario $10.25
PEI $10.00
Quebec $10.15
Saskatchewan $10.00
Yukon $10.54