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Canadian culture is best described as a cultural mosaic. Each piece retains its individual quality but it is also contributes to the overall sum, which is distinctly beautiful. While there is a strong Canadian identity, immigrants to Canada still value their roots and are free to express their original cultural heritage openly. Canada’s culture is not one of assimilation but rather acceptance, and so on one street in any corner of the country you will see many different people with many different backgrounds interacting on a daily basis. One of the direct benefits of this symbiotic system is that cultures collide and blend, creating a multitude of interesting combinations that everyone is free to enjoy. Canadian culture was originally European dominated, specifically French and British as they were the earliest settlers of the land, but the aboriginal population has been pushing for greater and greater influence and has seen much more participation in the public and bureaucratic sphere recently. Also, Canada’s welcoming immigration policy has lead to an influx of migrant peoples from all over the world, and so even when travelling from afar, it is never hard to find a little piece of home in Canada.